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Our goal is not to sell real estate whatever the cost, but to offer clients high-return investment opportunities at the best prices.

EST Kinnisvara brokers investment opportunities in commercial properties and agricultural land alike.
We offer end-to-end solutions for making investments, including all of the processes necessary for
property transactions – from finding suitable sites, offering advice and preparing analyses to
negotiating with owners and banks and providing a management service.

Our portfolio

We manage a portfolio valued at approx. 23 million euros. The properties we manage include commercial and residential premises and agricultural land all over Estonia.


How our farmland improvement project has increased land value 3 to 4 times

Author: Peter Vind Larsen, Published: 13/12/2019 12:00:00 Demand for farmland is...

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Kirly Announces Purchase of Aardla Commercial Centre

June 23, 2019 The Aardla Centre is a thriving business hub on the southern fringe of Tartu, the...

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EST Kinnisvara breaks into Top 10 of Estonian estate agencies

The rankings published in the Äripäev newspaper in autumn 2016 were based on six...

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EST Kinnisvara is one of the most successful Estonian real estate agencies

The rankings published in the Äripäev newspaper in autumn 2017 were based on six...

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Offer made for Kopli Lines by London businessman Paul Cooke

By the start of this week, two offers had been made to buy the Kopli Lines. On Friday, the...

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Business as usual – buy at market price and sell for more

In a green suburb of Tartu is a small office which manages hundreds of square metres of...

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Unit rates of 2015 direct aid

On 1 December 2015, ARIB established the following unit rates for area-based direct aid: single...

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Eva Kams returns to Management Board

EST Kinnisvara founder and owner Eva Kams has returned to the company's Management...

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EST Kinnisvara joins Estonian Real Estate Maintenance Union

EST Kinnisvara has been offering property management services for 15 years. This year, we...

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EST Kinnisvara has moved

As of 20 December, EST Kinnisvara's office is on the 2nd floor of the building at Kitsas 8...

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