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Our goal is not to sell real estate whatever the cost, but to offer clients high-return investment opportunities at the best prices.

EST Kinnisvara brokers investment opportunities in commercial properties and agricultural land alike.
We offer end-to-end solutions for making investments, including all of the processes necessary for
property transactions – from finding suitable sites, offering advice and preparing analyses to
negotiating with owners and banks and providing a management service.

Our portfolio

We manage a portfolio valued at approx. 23 million euros. The properties we manage include commercial and residential premises and agricultural land all over Estonia.

Feedback from clients

Maggie Johnson said “I recently visited Aardla for the first time. I was delighted with the quality of the structure and facilities. I believe that EST Kinnisvara as our agents and co investors will keep this as the most prestigious operation of its kind in the whole of southern Estonia. Eva has shown with her improvement of other properties a knack both for selecting good sites and then also for operating and improving them successfully.”
by Margaret (Maggie) Johnson
Director, a Cambridge and International trading company Kirly Ltd.
What EST Kinnisvara do for us as clients is to allow us confidence that our property is being looked after properly and that any crisis will be managed with ease. EST Kinnisvara’s team is competent and confident. Good at explaining opportunities and great at implementing solutions. Unreservedly, I recommend EST Kinnisvara’s service to other investors, EST Kinnisvara has acted for us for over 12 years and has always looked after us well.
by Marcus Johnson
Director, A Cambridge and International Trading Company Kirly Ltd
EST Kinnisvara is a well-managed property company which was established at the time I ran a Forest Investment Company (Fest-Forest, now HD Forest) for some 18 years. It started by the initiative of Eva Kams and her husband Toomas, finding and managing property for our investment clients and grew to have a mix of local and overseas clients. The continued success of the company, and the confidence in the local property market is measured by the fact that most of the overseas clients continue to invest. EST Kinnisvara also purchases and manages agricultural land. This is an important aspect for the forestry investor, as agricultural land is often a significant part and can give both some rental income as well as development opportunities. Any service business is only as good as its staff and Toomas & Eva are dedicated to their clients to the extent that many regard them as their friends. They have their own special interest which gives the team a wide knowledge base. When I went to the Baltics in the late nineteens, there were many opportunities, but also many risks. Elin, Toomas and Eva provided a solid basis for me to introduce my clients and keep them safe and make their investments work. Although I am no longer involved, their legacy lives on in EST Kinnisvara and, if there are opportunities, they will find them. I invested myself as well in some property through EST Kinnisvara, which helped make my pension more comfortable. I recommend EST Kinnisvara without hesitation.
by Felix Karthaus
Former Director, Border Consultants Forestry Ltd, UK / EST Kinnisvara OÜ / AS Fest-Forest, EST
I have been a client of EST Kinnisvara for the past 18 years and I'm still a client. I have been privileged to enjoy a long and very fruitful relationship. The company has always been extremely professional and their advice and expertise has proved, over the years to be highly profitable. Not only are all the EST Kinnisvara team experts in their different fields, covering a range of investments from agriculture to all aspect of real estate but they are lovely people to work with. Anybody looking to invest in Estonia or have existing assets there would be very wise to talk to EST Kinnisvara before doing anything. They would not regret it.
by Andrew McMorrogh Kavanagh
Director, Keep Growing Limited

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