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We make unused agricultural land (be it overgrown, uneven and/or waterlogged) usable and eligible for aid.

We will find the best tenant for your agricultural land based on the market situation, prepare a lease agreement and ensure that the leasing process flows smoothly.

At your request, we can apply to the Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB) on your behalf for the various types of aid available for agricultural land (single area payment, greening, etc.) and ensure that the conditions for receiving the aid are met.

Where waterlogged areas are concerned, we clear them of scrub and restore any ditches. In the case of larger areas, we prepare land improvement projects and can apply for drainage aid from ARIB on your behalf.

If your property is in an area of outstanding natural beauty or close to an urban centre, we offer you the opportunity to change the use of your land and to define land units suitable for building on. We can also help you find buyers for completed countryside properties.

We perform cost accounting on clients’ real estate projects, prepare budgets, submit regular financial reports and organise accounting (performing calculations and compiling annual reports).

In addition to restoring agricultural land, implementing drainage projects and carrying out detailed
planning, we can launch other development projects at the client’s request.




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