Kirly Announces Purchase of Aardla Commercial Centre

June 23, 2019

The Aardla Centre is a thriving business hub on the southern fringe of Tartu, the University city of Estonia.

Prominent tenants include G4S and On/Off.

We also have the largest Boxing Ring in the South, several dance studios, a high quality fast food restaurant a fully equipped children’s party centre and a car wash together with offices and a car park. The commercial centre is being run by our Estonian co-investors Estkinnisvara.

Maggie Johnson, Director, said “I recently visited Aardla for the first time. I was delighted with the quality of the structure and facilities. I believe that Est Kinnisvara as our agents and co investors will keep this as the most prestigious operation of its kind in the whole of southern Estonia. Joel and Eva have shown with their improvement of other properties a knack both for selecting good sites and then also for operating and improving them successfully.”

Financing was provided by Swedbank and legal advice by Glimstedt and Valge & Uiga.


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